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What are the Benefits of 3D Printing to you?

By |Apr 22, 2014|

As with all technologies, there are benefits and drawbacks associated with 3D printing. Heidi Tolliver-Walker examines 7 intriguing benefits this technology offers to those in the commercial print industry.

How SEO, SEM and CRM May Impact Your Workflow

By |Apr 15, 2014|

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are impacting the way customer jobs enter your production workflow. Howie Fenton looks at how SEO, SEM, CRM and Print MIS can all work together.

Choice Matters, Especially with Production Inkjet

By |Apr 8, 2014|

Choice matters. Football or soccer? Pizza or salad? Waterless inkjet or aqueous inkjet? See how the addition of Impika’s aqueous inkjet technology to Xerox’s production inkjet portfolio gives you more choice than ever before.

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    10 Steps to Effectively Marketing Your Web-to-Print Services

10 Steps to Effectively Marketing Your Web-to-Print Services

By |Apr 1, 2014|

Web-to-print is transforming the print industry, delivering a host of benefits for print providers and their customers. However, some are having difficulty convincing customers of these benefits. Here are 10 steps to effectively marketing your Web-to-print services

How To Create Engaging Social Media Content

By |Mar 27, 2014|

Having a presence on social media is important, but Is the content you share engaging and relevant to your customers and prospects? Here are tips on HOW to create content that your audience is sure to value.

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    Who’s Doing 3D Printing in the Commercial Printing Industry? These Shops Are…

Who’s Doing 3D Printing in the Commercial Printing Industry? These Shops Are…

By |Mar 24, 2014|

Is 3D printing a business model that commercial printers can pursue? Heidi Tolliver-Walker examines how four commercial print industry shops and a packaging design shop are using their 3D printers.

Why You Should Avoid Selling On Social Media

By |Mar 20, 2014|

Have you ever experienced a pushy sales pitch at a network event? You probably found it unpleasant and frustrating. Don’t make the same mistake in social media! Here are things you should and shouldn’t be doing in social media.

10 Trends Print Providers Need to Act Upon in 2014

By |Mar 18, 2014|

Print providers have faced more than their share of change in recent years. Barb Pellow looks at 10 trends that will create opportunities for print providers in 2014…and tips on how to take advantage.

How To Create Warmer Prospects With Social Media

By |Mar 13, 2014|

If you are like most people, you probably hate cold calling. Good news – there is a better way! See how you can use social media to engage with prospects, build relationships and help drive sales.

Does Your Website Invite Customers or Turn Them Away?

By |Mar 6, 2014|

Recently, Matthew Parker discussed the need for printing companies to revisit their website strategy and follow an approach used by travel agencies – focus on the customer and provide information that is engaging to them. Dharminder Biharie offers his perspective and insights.