Building a Strategic Marketing Plan

To refocus your business on expansion into the more profitable world of marketing services, you don’t need elaborate charts or high-priced consultants, but you do need a plan. Without one, you may be moving fast, but you might not be moving in the right direction.
A plan provides you with a roadmap that can drive action and can help you identify which customers are your best prospects, evaluate company data against your industry or market, focus your marketing tactics, track results to help you learn what works best, and much more.
We had a webinar on June 16th that emphasized the essential steps to building an effective strategic marketing plan, as well as customer guest speakers who have successfully implemented their plans— Bob Selby, Owner, BCE of Charlotte; and David Anderton, President, MailMax Direct.
I will be posting the replay link to this webinar as soon as it is available so you can also benefit from building a strategic marketing plan for your business!

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  1. Marketing Plans June 12, 2010 -

    Every business needs a marketing plan. If you have customers to reach, then you need to market to them, and you do that effectively by following a plan.
    I look forward to attending the webinar.

    • Lindsay Lamb June 14, 2010 -

      I completely agree with you about the importance of a marketing plan. I find that businesses develop and offer many great products and solutions, but they fall short when it comes to communicating that offering timely and effectively. I am thrilled you are attending the webinar…We’d love to hear your thoughts afterwards too!

  2. Thyme June 15, 2010 -

    Marketing plan is so very impt. The difficult part is to get the buy-in from all the execs! And we need time to get this done – execs are always demanding results yesterday!

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