Easy, Strategic Ways to Drive Business in the New Year

2011 is here and how quickly it came. With 2010 behind us, it is time for many businesses to start planning and/or executing a game plan to help build upon the momentum that was created in 2010. Gina Testa, vice president of Graphic Communications Industry for Xerox, took a moment in a Ready for Real Business video to suggest how to grow your business with minimal investment. Here are a few suggestions:
Meet With Your Top Customers
The #1 priority in early 2011 is to sit with your top customers. Many of them have established their budgets, their marketing communication’s plan –how can you become a partner in accomplishing their business objectives?
The Buzz of Cross Media Services
You provide print services but how can you position yourself to become more than a print service provider and more of a full service provider?  Ask yourself, what can I offer to be a full service marketing provider? Take a close look at Cross Media Services.
Are Investments Needed?
Your customers may have different priorities and requirements for 2011, are you equipped to meet these requirements? Are investments needed in new skillsets? New software? New technology?
What are your plans for 2011 and how are you going about creating your strategy to grow your business in 2011?

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  1. Alin Jacobs January 13, 2011 -

    Thanks Gina for sharing some worthy thoughts… Personally, I have come to the realization that customers aren’t looking as much for a strategic partner as they are for a trusted advisor. And for that, marketers have to communicate their expertise to earn the right.

    Wishing you memorable adventures and measurable successes in the coming year.

  2. Universal Printing January 31, 2011 -

    True point Alin. We featured a <a href:"http://is.gd/jeqIx "blog postlast month about that very point!

    More and more people are looking for advise on how to stand out and use all the media options available to reach their clients. Great post, Joel… best of luck in 2011!

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