Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Written by Christina Vullo, Social Media Marketing Analyst at Xerox Corporation
Today, more and more businesses are creating Facebook pages as a way to market themselves online; but with so many new pages being created, the question arises “How can a print service provider use Facebook to successfully promote their business?”
Peter Muir shows how in his book Print Providers Guide to Social Media.  According to Muir, the first thing print service providers should focus on when implementing a Facebook strategy is how it can benefit their business.  When used correctly, Facebook can be a great marketing tool.  It can create interest in a brand, add a level of interactivity, and act as an additional information source for customers.  In order to be successful, Muir recommends researching other print service providers to see what makes them successful on Facebook, then creating a plan of action.  He also suggests using the page to interact with your customers, posting often, and including pictures, videos, and blog posts.
Following the advice of Peter Muir, we’ve decided to create our own Facebook page.  You can find us on Facebook at facebook.com/XeroxDigitalPrint.  Feel free to stop by and “like” our page to stay up-to-date on the latest Xerox Digital Print news.
How are you using Facebook to market to your customers?

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