Cathedral Corporation helps credit union expand business and reduce costs

With just over a week until the start of Graph Expo (October 3-6, Chicago, Illinois) I wanted to turn the attention to another 2010 Xerox Best-of-the-Best Contest winner, as we take a closer look at Cathedral Corporation and their winning TransPromo submission.
Based in Rome, New York, Cathedral Corporation prides themselves in being a leading provider of customer care communications, personalized direct mail campaigns, and transactional documents. They also are no stranger to receiving recognition for the outstanding work they produce. As you may remember, they were the recipient of a 2009 Xerox Best-of-the-Best award for their work in a direct marketing enrollment campaign that helped St. Mary’s University increase the number of students in their inquiry pool by 40 percent.
This time around, Cathedral Corporation was tasked with helping Citadel, a credit union in southeastern Pennsylvania; meet corporate objectives of growth in an expanding market. Cathedral Corporation started by redesigning the company’s monthly account statements, which were outdated and ineffective. These statements had previously been produced in black and white, and were seen as confusing to the recipients. In fact, Citadel needed to increase staffing in their customer call centers near the end of each month, just to accommodate the large increase in calls. Not only did this represent an additional cost for Citadel, but it also showed areas of improvement in terms of customer satisfaction.
With the help of the Xerox 980 Color Continuous Feed Printer, Cathedral Corporation introduced color to the statements, highlighting key information relevant to the account holder. This helped reduce confusion, increased customer satisfaction, and also lowered the monthly call center volume. By utilizing GMC Software Technology, Cathedral Corporation was also able to improve data management for the statements. Relevant and targeted messaging was now added into every statement, providing key opportunities to cross-sell. The Xerox FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection helped Cathedral integrate a membership reward program into the statement, providing each member with an update on their reward points.
This project proved to be extremely successful for Citadel, as it helped them achieve their corporate objectives by reducing costs and increasing opportunities. With the integration of the reward points and targeted messaging into the statements, Citadel drastically reduced costs by no longer needing to produce separate mailings for these. As Citadel continues to grow, so does Cathedral Corporation. Citadel has approached Cathedral Corporation for future projects, and Cathedral has used the success of Citadel to help market their capabilities to other companies within the market.
Would you like to hear more about Cathedral Corporation and the other ways they are staying active in the marketplace? Are you attending Graph Expo this year? If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, please join us Monday and Tuesday, October 4th and 5th, 2:45-3:15 in the Xerox Booth (#600) to hear Marianne Gaige, President and CEO of Cathedral Corporation, discuss how they are staying successful.
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If you’d like to learn more about this success story featuring Cathedral Corporation, please read the case study.

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  1. Nancy September 27, 2010 -

    Great success story about segmenting data and personalizing variable data to the specific consumer. Being able to find that success while reducing costs? Well, that’s just good business. Congratulations to this company, and thank goodness for the equipment that makes this possible.

  2. Bill Michael September 28, 2010 -

    Nancy – thank you for the post, and great points! Not only were they able to reduce costs and increase customer loyalty, but by successfully segmenting data they were able to cross-sell with appealing messaging. It’s a great example that speaks to the power of digital print.

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