Inkjet Printing on Coated Stocks is within Reach

By |Sep 27, 2016|

Game-changing ink-set enables inkjet printing directly onto traditional offset coated stocks, eliminating the need for pre- or post-paper treatment.

Riding Transactional Communications to Profitable Growth

By |May 24, 2016|

Transactional communications – such as statements and bills – hold recipient attention for 3 to 5 minutes. See how your clients’ can leverage these documents for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

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    How Production Color Inkjet is Changing the Print Application Landscape

How Production Color Inkjet is Changing the Print Application Landscape

By |Jan 14, 2015|

In just three years, U.S. production color inkjet page volume will exceed that of digital color toner. What applications will benefit the most from these tremendous growth opportunities?

Postal Rates: What Goes Up Must Come Down…In Weight

By |Jun 10, 2014|

Postal rates in the United States are rising. For those in the direct mail business, for companies that mail transactional statements, and for print providers that serve those industries – this is a big deal. See how waterless inkjet technology and the ability to print on lightweight substrates is opening new opportunities.

TransPromo: The Opportunity Isn’t Going Away

By |Sep 19, 2013|

TransPromo documents are projected for a healthy 30.2% CAGR from 2011 to 2016. A recent study found 65% of households prefer to receive printed copies of bills and statements. With the growing prevalence and affordability of high-speed production inkjet lends itself to opportunities in transactional marketing printing.

The TransPromo space is alive and well – are you taking advantage? This Printer Did, Reducing Client’s Statement Costs by 30%

By |Apr 3, 2013|

The TransPromo or transactional-promotional space is alive and well – are you taking advantage? A recent report shows that while over 75% of consumers can view their bank accounts online, over 85% choose to continue receiving statements by mail. USPS cites that transactional statements are opened 95% of the time on average, and the receiver spends two to three minutes with each piece. This affords tremendous opportunities to all involved – the print provider, service provider, advertiser, and recipient.

Looking to boost awareness of your company’s capabilities and attract new customers? The Xerox Best-of-the-Best Program can help!

By |Dec 17, 2012|

Written by Mary Roddy
Marketing Manager, Premier Partners Global Network
Xerox Corporation

Innovative personalized chocolate packaging that produces $100,000 in profit through a single holiday season, a direct marketing

Optimism about the Future of Print Highlighted by Printers in Survey

By |Oct 9, 2012|

Written by Mary Roddy
Global Marketing Manager, Xerox Premier Partners Global Network
Xerox Corporation

In a recent survey of 485 members of Xerox’s Premier Partners Global Network, conducted with GMC Analytics, more

The Myths About Being Special

By |Jun 26, 2012|

Written By Joe Schember
Product Marketing, Digital

Remember when you were growing up and your parents would tell you that you were special? Whether you were struggling to

The 5 Senses At drupa 2012: Best of the Best Winners

By |May 2, 2012|

Written By Bill Michael
Marketing Analyst
Xerox Corporation

You know them: hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste. At drupa, each of your senses will be put to great use, as