Are We Clear? – FreeFlow VIPP Pro Publisher and Clear Dry Ink

Written by David Kirk, Manager, Xerox FreeFlow VI Suite Development
I know it is hard to believe, how can variable data and the application of “Clear Dry Ink” possibly be easy?  What if I told you it is as simple as a mouse click.
Using Xerox® FreeFlow® VIPP® Pro Publisher software (one of the tools in the FreeFlow VI Suite), you can skip the typical pre-press steps and instead apply Clear Dry Ink directly to your design with a simple mouse click.  VIPP Pro Publisher takes care of the rest.
Now we all know that clear dry ink makes for super-cool applications and enhances creativity. You can use it to highlight images and text for visual impact or display content in more vivid ways. And your output will always be impressive when printed on a Xerox® Color 800/1000 Press with clear dry ink.
But it can be cumbersome for designers to use and often adds time and additional steps to the process. Unless they are using VIPP Pro Publisher…
VIPP Pro Publisher is a plug-in to Adobe® InDesign®. It allows you to create variable applications such as tickets, post-cards, fliers, etc using variable text and rich graphical content with the power of conditional processing, all from its easy to use GUI.  In addition, the FreeFlow VI Interpreter with advanced Dynamic Document Composition gets you printing within minutes because there is no pre-composition step. That means no data chunking, no huge files tying up your network – all the composition happens at the printer at run time. Now combine all of this with a simple and fast way to add clear dry ink to variable text and graphics and you have a winning combination where the results … well… sparkle!
No more worrying about last minute design decisions or changes – no need to go back to pre-press.  Just select the object you want to apply the Clear Dry Ink to and then right-click and it’s done.
I told you it was simple – thanks to the power of VIPP Pro Publisher. Now…Are We Clear?
For more information, view this video or find FreeFlow VIPP Pro Publisher on
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  1. March 22, 2011 -

    Is there has updated pack for VIDE5.0, VIDE6.0, etc.

  2. David Kirk March 23, 2011 -

    Support for the XC800/1000 Clear Dry Ink in VIPP was introduced in the VI Interpreter 8.0b release.

    It is recommended that you upgrade to the current 9.0 versions of the VI Interpreter and tools. The latest versions can be downloaded from the website. You will need a new license if upgrading from ver 8.x or below.

    There are so many new features that are available in the FF VI Suite Ver 9.0 (Service Pack 2 released on Monday March 21st).

    The application of Clear Dry Ink is supported in all our design tools. The FF VI Designer 9.0 (SP2) and the FF VIPP Pro Publisher 9.0 (SP2). As well as third party tools such as Lytrod Software ProForm Designer.

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