Written by Christina Vullo, Social Media Marketing Analyst at Xerox Corporation

About halfway through high school, most students begin receiving letters from nearby colleges and universities inviting them to visit, attend open houses, and apply.  While the first couple letters may be exciting, in no time they start piling up.  After just a few weeks, the student ends up throwing away envelopes and brochures by the dozen.

XMPie PersonalizationThe only way to stop the cycle is to give students a reason to look through your letter, and while there are many universities fighting over each student that’s not as impossible as you might think.

Having had a similar experience, I too was tossing out tons of college letters, but there were a few I’ve saved even years later, just because they were cool.  Among the few I’ve held onto are a card made to look like a pizza box that opens to a sheet pizza with my name spelled out in pepperoni and a cell phone with a personalized “text message” on the screen, just for me.  While both pieces were pretty different, they also had something very important in common: they caught my attention which actually got me to read through them and think about those schools.  I even displayed them in my room to show my friends and family.

So as you can see, those few personalized pieces had a much larger effect than the hundred or so other pieces of mail I threw out right away.  And when it comes to direct mail in general, it’s exactly the same.  Personalized direct mail gets you more attention, responses, and impact for your money.  By adding that special touch to a mail piece, whether it be the recipient’s name or an image of something personal, it engages that person and in turn makes him or her more excited about whatever it is you are telling them.  Most important of all, it helps you craft an individual conversation for each person instead of overwhelming them with unrelated content, and with so much mail being received every day, it’s more important than ever to personalize!  Thanks to modern technology, personalizing doesn’t have to be difficult.  Today’s personalization software allows you to add dynamic text or images to any mail piece quickly and easily with no programming knowledge.  It’s a great way to send a message that leaves an impact instead of ending up in the trash.

How do you use personalization in your direct mail campaigns to stand out from your competitors?

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