A Compelling Testimonial With A Twist: Finishing Automation Drives Print Opportunity.

Written By James Tressler
Director of Marketing & Branch Operations
C.P. Bourg Incorporated

What an incredibly compelling and relevant testimonial with an unusual twist ……Finishing automation driving print opportunity. In today’s age of complexities and cross media bliss it is exciting to read about a customer, an In-Plant none-the-less that has found and implemented technologies that have delivered on their promises.
After all, with print becoming more commoditized every day we as manufacturers are challenged to design and bring to market devices that enable our customers to improve their processes and increase their bottom line all the while knowing there are fewer customers and stronger competition vying for their business. However ….. When this process is successful and the right customer gets the right product, amazing things happen. This article is a glowing testament to that very thing.
Jeff Taranto and his team got it right and they are delivering for their corporation on the promise their new technology investment brought them. He has found new ways to keep print relevant and expand its role with exciting results and staggering savings adding significant value to the bottom line. Their success is in no small part the result of knowing and understanding the precise role print plays in their corporation’s ability to deliver the right message to their customer.
Congratulations to the Highmark team, I wish you much continued success!
So what do you think …… can automation in the production environment help organizations make print more relevant, green and overcome commoditization?

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