Tales of Inkjet Success from the Inkjet Summit

By |May 3, 2018|

Guest post by Shelley Sweeney, Vice President/General Manager Service Bureau/Direct Marketing @shelleysweeney

More people are joining and investing in the growing inkjet movement, but it’s a big

Outsourcing and Bottlenecks in Finishing

By |Apr 28, 2015|

Believe it or not, a bottleneck may not actually be the root cause of a problem. Howie Fenton shares insights from a recent survey on the biggest finishing bottlenecks and the processes more commonly outsourced.

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    Finishing the Announcement of Our Top-Rated Wide Format Printer, at FESPA

Finishing the Announcement of Our Top-Rated Wide Format Printer, at FESPA

By |Jul 21, 2014|

The announcement of the Xerox Wide Format IJP 2000 at FESPA last year left some ‘unfinished’ business. This FESPA, we showed off new finishing options and expanded media, showcasing how the IJP 2000 can help you take advantage of the highly-profitable digitally printed signage market, worth an estimated $55 billion globally.

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    It’s Not Done Until It’s Finished: Automate with IntegratedPLUS Finishing

It’s Not Done Until It’s Finished: Automate with IntegratedPLUS Finishing

By |Apr 29, 2014|

All companies are looking for ways to automate processes, reduce manual labor, and eliminate errors. See how Xerox IntegratedPLUS Finishing can help you do just that, regardless of whether you need to finish inline, offline, or both.

Picking a Digital Print Partner: Finish Strong

By |Nov 15, 2013|

Today’s many print providers have raised the bar and have enhanced their finishing capabilities to better suit digital print….but some are still struggling. When partnering with a digital print provider, it’s important to consider all pieces of the printing process – so you can finish strong.

Automatic. From Chicken Coop Doors to Donuts. And Now: Finishing Booklets (drupa)

By |May 3, 2012|

Written By Donna Brick
Marketing Manager, Workflow and Solutions
Xerox Corporation

Over 900 million results when you Google “automatic”. Wow. Automatic transmission, sprinkler system, bill-pay, doors, photo sorter, payroll

The 5 Senses At drupa 2012: Best of the Best Winners

By |May 2, 2012|

Written By Bill Michael
Marketing Analyst
Xerox Corporation

You know them: hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste. At drupa, each of your senses will be put to great use, as

A Compelling Testimonial With A Twist: Finishing Automation Drives Print Opportunity.

By |Feb 29, 2012|

Written By James Tressler
Director of Marketing & Branch Operations
C.P. Bourg Incorporated

What an incredibly compelling and relevant testimonial with an unusual twist ……Finishing automation driving print opportunity.

Print Operators and Marketers as Story Tellers and Dream Makers

By |Feb 8, 2012|

Written by:
Joel Basa
eMarketing Manager
Xerox Corporation

Once in a blue moon, a print application will cross my desk that catches my eye. The reasons differ: stunning design, elaborate

Automation: Embracing It As A Daily Part Of Our Lives & Routines

By |Jul 7, 2011|

Written by Joel Basa, e-Marketing Manager at Xerox Corporation

Automation, it’s a part of our daily lives and routines. Think about it. A few examples from my