Bringing in 2014: 14 Popular Blog Posts From the Past Year (Including Social Media, Selling Direct Marketing and more!)

Written by Bill Michael
eMarketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

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As 2013 begins to unwind, we find ourselves reflecting on the year that was, spending much deserved time with family and friends, and preparing ourselves for the year ahead. I have little doubt that your 2013 was filled to the brim with late nights, early mornings, strategy meetings, customer visits, last-minute jobs and much, much more. So I hope between now and the New Year, you have an opportunity to catch your breath and relax as we all look to build on the past year and make 2014 an even better experience for ourselves and our customers.
If you have some downtime in the coming days and want to get caught up on some reading, then you’ll be interested to know that we will be sharing 14 of the most popular blog posts from the past year. In fact, over 130 blog posts were published on our Digital Printing Hot Spot Blog this year alone! Many of these discussed industry trends, new opportunities and ways to help you take your business even further.
Help us bring in the New Year by checking out these popular posts and sharing them with your team. We wish you and your customers a wonderful holiday season!
14. Stop, Look, and Listen: Social Listening with your Customers 
In elementary school, we are always taught the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Dharminder Biharie explores the golden rule of social media: stop, look and listen. It’s important to remember that we have two ears, two eyes and only one mouth for a reason. Listening, especially in social media, is more important than ever. Here’s how to get started.
13. Adding Dimension and Texture to Print with the Xerox Color 800/1000 Press and EFI Fiery Image Enhance
Perhaps you knew of the ability to add clear dry ink to images and text with the Xerox Color 800/1000 Press. But what if you could also add dimension and texture to the output? What opportunities could that open for your customers and your business?
12. Selling Direct Marketing: 7 Steps to Success 
Direct marketing provides enormous opportunities and potential for profitability. But becoming a strategic partner for your clients means more than just adding services and offerings. It is critical to have a sales team in place capable of selling these services. Katie Dunn, President and Founder of Digital Innovations Group, discussed the 7 steps to successfully selling direct marketing services in a recent Thought Leadership Workshop.
11. A Roundup of the #Print Community on Twitter
Research shows that using Twitter helps foster communication while promoting informal learning. Vladimir Gendelman, Founder and CEO of Company Folders, provides an overview of over 40 print-related Twitter accounts you’ll want to follow – all full of great content and helpful information.

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  1. Katherine December 26, 2013 -

    It’s been an amazing year on this here blog. Almost forgot about that awesome Twitter roundup! That’s a must bookmark for every printer.

  2. Bill Michael December 27, 2013 -

    Thanks, Katherine – I’m very glad you enjoyed the content shared this year! Thank you for always stopping by to offer your thoughts and insight – it’s readers like you that truly make this blog successful!

    Bill (Xerox)

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