Bringing in 2014: Popular Blog Posts From the Past Year (Including QR Codes, Security Printing and more!)

Written by Bill Michael
eMarketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

Bringing in 2014 for the Print Community
What a year 2013 was! Perhaps it feels like just the other day you were preparing yourself for the year whose end is nearing. Between customer meetings, last-minute jobs, strategizing, planning and much, much more…it’s no wonder the time flew by!
With over 130 blog posts shared on the Digital Printing Hot Spot Blog this year, it would come at the surprise of no one that you may have missed a few topics. In continuation of our look at the most popular blog posts of 2013, we delve into security printing technologies and their real-world uses, how QR codes can be more than just shortcuts, and new additions to the Xerox production portfolio.
Help us bring in the New Year by checking out these popular posts and sharing with your team. We wish you and your customers a wonderful holiday season!
10. What does the Xerox Color 550/560, Security Printing, and National Pi Day have in common?
March 14 (3.14) is known as National Pi Day. Xerox found a fun way to celebrate, highlighted by a print application produced on the Xerox Color 550/560 Printer, containing over 500,000 digits of pi, all of which are 1/100th of an inch in height. This sample demonstrates unique specialty imaging security print technologies such as MicroText, and discusses their real-world usages.
9. QR Codes: More Than Just Shortcuts 
More than half of mobile phone owners in the US have smartphones, and approximately 20% have scanned a QR Code. Aside from simply taking you to a webpage, learn about some of the less talked about best uses for QR Codes.
8. Productivity and Versatility: Meet the New Xerox J75 and C75 Color Presses 
A comprehensive look at two new additions to the Xerox production portfolio: the Color C75 and J75 presses. Both press’ tout impressive features, including the new Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) toolset, which empowers the user with alignment and registration accuracy by automating registration control and density uniformity, eliminating the need to involve a technician. Also new to the J75 and C75 Presses is Intelligent Fuser Tracking technology, allowing users to designate commonly used paper sizes to specific fuser rolls, and alerting them if there is a mismatch between the job being printed and the fuser setting. Learn more about these two digital production presses

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