Howie Fenton

Leading In-Plants are Acting More Like Commercial Printers

By |Dec 11, 2017|

According to a survey (June 2016) published in In-Plant Graphics Magazine, 63.4% of in-plants accept work from outside their organization, a strategy known with the in-plant community insourcing. The successful use of an insourcing is also motivating some in-plants to hire sales people to help sell to both internal and external customers.

Operational Excellence is No longer Optional

By |Dec 7, 2017|

While many companies complain that they cannot afford the time and effort required to achieve operational excellence, market demand is proving to companies that they can’t afford NOT to focus on operational excellence.

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    The Role of Business Acumen in Addressing Digital Disruption

The Role of Business Acumen in Addressing Digital Disruption

By |Nov 27, 2017|

The impact of digital disruption continues to impact all industries including the graphic arts business. Contrary to popular belief however, addressing the issues of digital disruption requires more than understanding the technology. It requires a business sense or business acumen.

Options for Reducing Turnaround on SLAs

By |Oct 2, 2017|

Working to reduce SLAs can be complicated. These two root causes for the increasing turnaround times can be corrected, and opportunities to correct them that everyone can implement.

Could Better Shipping Options Increase Your Business?

By |Apr 24, 2017|

The success of your business could depend on the shipping options your offer. Here’s the stats to prove it.

3 Steps to Ongoing Process Improvements

By |Feb 27, 2017|

How actionable data, root-cause analysis and taking initiative can drastically improve your print operations.

Is the Future Value of Print…Multi-Sensory?

By |Jan 30, 2017|

What happens when readers are exposed to the same ad across print, desktop and tablet? A new study reveals, and the results may surprise you.

Nine Steps to Create a Culture of Urgency

By |Jan 23, 2017|

Roughly 70% of all workplace staff is either not engaged or disengaged. Here’s a step-by-step approach to implementing a healthier culture.

2017 State of the Industry and Profitability

By |Jan 11, 2017|

The latest printing industry economic reports project 2017 to look a lot like 2016. But is that necessarily a bad thing?

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    Stop Fighting Production Fires and Start Building Fire Resistance Systems

Stop Fighting Production Fires and Start Building Fire Resistance Systems

By |Dec 19, 2016|

When production issues rear their ugly head, is your company in the business of firefighting or fire-preventing?