Automation: Embracing It As A Daily Part Of Our Lives & Routines

Written by Joel Basa, e-Marketing Manager at Xerox Corporation
Automation, it’s a part of our daily lives and routines. Think about it. A few examples from my own life this past July 4 weekend. I didn’t have to worry about my high speed internet connection bill being paid while out of town because of Automatic Bill Payment. The plants I didn’t have a chance to put in the ground before my wife and I went out of town didn’t die because of an Automatic Sprinkler. Even the simple task of turning on my headlights during our drive back to Rochester was “eliminated” due to Automatic Headlights. In fact, the actual action of me publishing this blog post on 11:00 AM ET was automated.
So, why automate? For many, automation equals efficiency and often efficiency equals increased productivity. The examples I cited before allowed me to be more efficient and productive and gave me more time to enjoy my vacation.
Now think about your own business? Last month, I discussed the topic of productivity for a digital press. In that blog post, we discussed the concept of operational prints per hour and how producing sellable prints is often the true objective of many businesses with digital presses. Automation is an important factor to increase operational prints per hour. Have you looked into solutions with intelligent prebuilt workflows to offload routine, repetitive tasks in the areas of prepress, print and finishing? How about if you could automate common print applications such as business cards? How about automation of variable information for personalization of these common applications?

Today, the Xerox® DocuColor 8080 was launched. This digital press embraces the importance of automation with the introduction of Productivity Apps. These innovative new Productivity Apps combine workflow solutions, templates, and professional services to help automate common jobs, maximize the productivity of your Xerox digital press, and drive increased revenues and profits.
Automation, are you embracing it in your print operations?

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