AARP’s In-Plant Goes from Word to Wonderful!

Written by Natalie Serrato, Technical & Social Marketing at Lytrod Software
AARP was looking for a way to replace a time consuming process of printing address labels using Microsoft Word and manually placing these labels on preprinted shells.  They found Lytrod Software’s Variable Data Print (VDP) solution that allowed them to personalize their entire campaign.
AARP’s solution consisted of:

The initial expectation was to place address blocks onto static image backgrounds to meet short print windows and postal standards. With Lytrod Software’s Proform Designer and Xerox’s FreeFlow VI Interpreter, AARP was able to change their campaign to be significantly more personalized resulting in adding conditional images based on targeted ethnic groups and variable messages dependent on the “readiness” of retirees.
After an initial campaign of over 1 million pieces, AARP’s new solution was proven to be so successful that AARP created two follow-up campaign mailers that not only included variable text and images, but also included a scannable account number to expedite in-house processing.
AARP’s In-Plant has seen a substantial cost savings and turn-around time for jobs has decreased significantly.  In one case, what used to take 4 days to print now prints in less than 7 hours!  AARP’s print volumes grew so much in 2010 that they purchased two additional Xerox iGen4s.

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