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    Finishing the Announcement of Our Top-Rated Wide Format Printer, at FESPA


Finishing the Announcement of Our Top-Rated Wide Format Printer, at FESPA

Jul 21, 2014|Finishing, Image Quality, Technology & Solutions|

The announcement of the Xerox Wide Format IJP 2000 at FESPA last year left some ‘unfinished’ business. This FESPA, we showed off new finishing options and expanded media, showcasing how the IJP 2000 can help you take advantage of the highly-profitable digitally printed signage market, worth an estimated $55 billion globally.

How To Connect Successfully With Your Prospect On LinkedIn

Jul 16, 2014|How-To, Social Media, Thought Leadership|

Connecting with prospects on LinkedIn the right way will help you build the relationships you want. Learn what are considered ‘best practices’, and what practices will send your prospects running for the hills!

How are Sailing and the Print Industry Related?

Jul 14, 2014|Thought Leadership|

Print and sailing are not something normally put together. Look at print in a new light with this analogy that will prepare you for the storm.

10 Reasons Why In-Plants Should Offer ePublishing Services

Jul 10, 2014|Delight Your Customers, Grow Your Business, Technology & Solutions, Workflow|

With the growth of digital technology, there seems to be a gap in the print industry. Tricia Bhattacharya discusses how you can bridge this gap by offering ePublishing services.

BYU Finds Students Prefer Printed Course Materials

Jul 8, 2014|Books and Manuals, Case Studies, Industry Trends, Thought Leadership|

An exclusive look at a study conducted by Brigham Young University (BYU), looking at student preferences when it comes to print versus electronic media.

How Linkedin Can Find You The Perfect Prospect

Jul 1, 2014|How-To, Social Media, Thought Leadership|

Finding the right prospects to target on LinkedIn can be challenging. Learn how to master this tactic with 3 simple and easy steps.

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    Differences in Workflow Software Usage: In-plant vs. Commercial Printers

Differences in Workflow Software Usage: In-plant vs. Commercial Printers

Jun 26, 2014|Automation, Industry Trends, Workflow|

A sneak-peek into exclusive research data, detailing how in-plants and commercial printers differ in terms of workflow software usage.

How Do You Automate Custom Manufacturing Workflow?

Jun 24, 2014|Automation, Workflow|

Name a challenge that print providers face today, and odds are good that a more automated workflow will help to meet it. But workflow automation presents challenges, as well. Automation works best on repetitive, assembly-line tasks…yet most printing involves custom manufacturing of unique pieces. How do you automate these processes?

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    Print-to-Mobile Services Pioneers Describe Print Provider Opportunity

Print-to-Mobile Services Pioneers Describe Print Provider Opportunity

Jun 19, 2014|Business Development, Grow Your Business, Industry Trends, Technology & Solutions, Thought Leadership|

Learn how mobile is quickly becoming a dominant force in the graphic communications industry and what businesses can do to keep up with this change.

Mastering The Big Data Game

Jun 17, 2014|Grow Your Business, Sales, Thought Leadership|

Data is everywhere. Those who can capitalize on this Big Data have much to gain…but it’s a challenging proposition. It requires collaboration with IT, Sales and Marketing. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind prior to getting started.