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    Wow Your Audience With PowerPoint (Don’t Send Them To Sleep)

Wow Your Audience With PowerPoint (Don’t Send Them To Sleep)

Oct 30, 2014|Business Development, Delight Your Customers, Grow Your Business, How-To, Sales, Thought Leadership|

How many awful presentations have you sat through? Here are 3 common PowerPoint mistakes to avoid, helping you ensure your audience is not put to sleep.

Focusing on Your Customer Can Reveal the Road Forward

Oct 28, 2014|Thought Leadership|

After attending 28 straight Graph Expo tradeshows, there isn’t much that Jeff Jacobson, President of Xerox’s Technology Business, hasn’t seen. This year, an industry shift – and the opportunities it opens – left an unforgettable impression.

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    An In-Plant Mistake: Reluctance to Adopt Variable-Data Printing

An In-Plant Mistake: Reluctance to Adopt Variable-Data Printing

Oct 22, 2014|Industry Trends|

A survey of over 325 Commercial and In-Plant printing facilities revealed four common workflow software investments and attitudes towards key applications. Are many In-Plants overlooking opportunities in Variable Data Printing?

From Hassle to Happy: Making the Most of Customer Feedback

Oct 20, 2014|Delight Your Customers|

If you want to better understand your customers’ experience, who better to ask than…your customers? The Xerox U.S. Metered Supplies team did just that, allowing for one-stop shopping and eliminating guesswork.

How the Xerox iGen4 Diamond Press benefits MGX Copy

Oct 15, 2014|Case Studies, Customer Postings, Technology & Solutions|

MGX Copy, a San Diego based online printing company, recently invested in a Xerox iGen4 Diamond Press and shares their experiences of the press’ automation, reliability, productivity and quality.

Do You Set Goals When You Network?

Oct 14, 2014|Grow Your Business|

Has industry networking played a role in helping your business move forward? See how two members of the Xerox Premier Partner Global Network teamed-up to share a new $1 million account.

Why Conversation Is Pointless Without A Call To Action

Oct 9, 2014|How-To, Sales, Thought Leadership|

Chances are, you’ve been involved in a meeting with a client that achieved nothing. Learn simple tips to ensure you avoid this issue, while still guiding your client towards a call-to-action.

Seven Steps to Business Reinvention

Oct 7, 2014|Business Development, Thought Leadership|

In the face of price competition and a crowded marketplace, how can you deliver value to restore healthy margins? Three print providers who have successfully confronted these issues weigh in.

Insights, Trends and Reflections from Graph Expo 2014

Oct 1, 2014|Industry Trends, Technology & Solutions, Thought Leadership|

As Graph Expo begins its fourth and final day today, visitors have one final chance to check in on the latest developments in the graphic communications industry’s ongoing evolution. Here are some of the emerging trends—and new wrinkles—that we picked up on at this year’s show.

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    Low- to Mid-Volume Digital Color Printing Has Seminal Moment at Graph Expo

Low- to Mid-Volume Digital Color Printing Has Seminal Moment at Graph Expo

Sep 30, 2014|Industry Trends, Technology & Solutions|

After two consecutive “inkjet drupas,” will Graph Expo 2014 be remembered as the “Low- to Mid-Volume Digital Color Printing Graph Expo?” Key learnings shared from InfoTrends industry breakfast at Graph Expo