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    How Size and Cost Impact the Acquisition Rate of Inkjet Presses

How Size and Cost Impact the Acquisition Rate of Inkjet Presses

Mar 26, 2015|Industry Trends, Inkjet|

With the industry-wide adoption of production inkjet technology beginning to accelerate, what factors have historically forced some to remain on the outside looking in…and could those barriers be crumbling?

Avoid the Commodity Trap by Choosing the Right Customers

Mar 24, 2015|Business Development, Sales|

Consumers have more options than ever before when looking to purchase print. As a result, pricing pressure can be smothering. How do you escape this commodity trap? With unique offerings aimed at specific target markets. This article explains how to get started.

Web-to-Print is so…yesterday?

Mar 19, 2015|Workflow|

Receiving print jobs over the web is critical for any printing business today. But for brands and marketers, a Web-to-print solution may be more about content-management than print-management.

How to Create Bigger Print Profits for your Sales Team

Mar 17, 2015|Sales|

Without clear directions and targets, sales teams often struggle to generate results and drive profits for your company. See what steps you can take to ensure your team has everything they need to succeed.

Introducing the Xerox Versant 80 Press

Mar 12, 2015|Technology & Solutions|

Meet the all-new Xerox Versant 80 Press, providing production press capabilities with walk-up simplicity and a range of automation features. This blog helps get you acquainted and provides an overview of some of its key features.

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    What is Driving Growth for Commercial and In-Plant Printers?

What is Driving Growth for Commercial and In-Plant Printers?

Mar 10, 2015|Grow Your Business, Industry Trends|

A look at 2014 survey data provided by commercial and in-plant printers, helping to identify what has been helping drive their recent growth.

Using a Lunch and Learn to Target Prosumers

Mar 4, 2015|Photo Publishing, Sales, Thought Leadership|

Lunch and Learn Events can be a cost-effective and highly successful way to drive new business. See how this Premier Partner, Jubels, is thriving by targeting prosumers in the photo market.

The Mad, Mad Disconnect on QR Codes

Mar 2, 2015|Applications, Thought Leadership|

QR Codes get a lot of criticism from naysayers. But when done right, they may be the simplest, most common sense way to boost customer engagement. See three examples of companies taking full advantage.

Golden Opportunity for High-Value Printing

Feb 26, 2015|Applications, Technology & Solutions|

The innovation path of digital color presses continues to have runway, evidenced most recently by emerging developments in metallic inks that rival those of traditional processes, while delivering all of the advantages of digital print.

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    It’s Time to Rethink Inkjet with the Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press

It’s Time to Rethink Inkjet with the Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press

Feb 24, 2015|Inkjet, Technology & Solutions|

Xerox’s newest press will make inkjet technology a reality for more print service providers by breaking down barriers such as high print volumes, large footprint and cost. The Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press offers first-of-its kind features and carves out a new space within the booming production color inkjet segment.