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How to Create an Elevator Pitch that Wins New Business

Jul 1, 2015|Sales|

Most home-buyers decide if they’re interested in a house within 60 seconds of walking through the front door. It’s the same in sales with prospects you meet for the first time. Here’s how to master the art of an elevator pitch.

What Are Your Most Profitable Products and Services?

Jun 23, 2015|Industry Trends|

A look at which products and services are most profitable for commercial printers and in-plant printers.

3 Stories: What Sets These Shops Apart

Jun 18, 2015|Case Studies, Delight Your Customers|

Everyone puts “outstanding customer service” on their websites, but these companies really live it out.

A Digital Publication that Helps Battle Cancer

Jun 16, 2015|Cross-Media, Grow Your Business, Technology & Solutions|

See how Alpe d’Huzes used a digital publication to help raise awareness and support for the ongoing fight against cancer.

Government In-plant Makes Big Improvements for Big Results

Jun 11, 2015|Case Studies, Reduce Your Cost|

How did this in-plant save more than $2.3 million in operational improvements and increase print volumes by 45%? By adopting an automated workflow and transitioning from offset to digital print technology.

How to Fire your Customer

Jun 9, 2015|Sales|

Perhaps you’ve decided that you have one or two clients that are no longer right for you. Here’s how to go about firing them.

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    How Inkjet Printing is Reviving Interest in the Cross-Over Analysis

How Inkjet Printing is Reviving Interest in the Cross-Over Analysis

Jun 3, 2015|Inkjet, Technology & Solutions|

Six important lessons on cross-over analysis when comparing inkjet presses to offset and toner-based print technologies.

Can a Toner Plant Truly be ‘Green’?

Jun 1, 2015|Sustainability, Technology & Solutions|

An inside look at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that grows energy efficient toner.

Leading Print Services Providers Are Tuning in to Mobile

May 27, 2015|Business Development|

Two leading print and marketing services providers share their perspectives on the opportunities in offering mobile services.

What types of customer should you consider getting rid of?

May 20, 2015|Sales|

Do you have problematic customers tying up resources and hurting your margins? Here are 4 factors to consider when evaluating which customers to fire.