"When patterns are broken new worlds emerge" – Tuli Kupferberg

Looking back at drupa 2008, what has been the biggest change in our industry over the past 4 years?
Written by:
Mamta Moolchandani & Victoria Burlison
Xerox Corporation
Inevitably the tough trading conditions of previous years have carried into 2012, as in almost every market the financial crisis has caused a huge shift in the print industry. The initial price driven, product focus model is no longer relevant. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Print spend in the market has started to grow again, companies are seeking creative methods to differentiate themselves.
Within many aspects of life people often perceive change as a negative concept, however at Xerox we see change as necessary in order to evolve and remain an industry leader. Over recent years we have observed an increase in customer focus beyond purchase price. Now that companies are thinking about growth and profit, the conversation has shifted from “how do I save money?” to “how can I get my equipment to make me money?”
To meet our customers demand we have committed to delivering a four-point proposition, helping them increase productivity and reduce costs to deliver customer delight and ultimately business growth. This approach has been very successful, particularly as Xerox can provide operational efficiency right across the workflow, beyond simply printed output, to yield both short- and long-term savings.
We encourage businesses to build a vision, ensure they have a clear understanding of their market position and capabilities, and then stick rigorously to the plan they have set for 2012, while looking for opportunities to reduce operational expenditure along the way. This year we expect to see a huge push to eradicate the inefficiencies often inherent in print environments — a key reason why Xerox has focused on building automated workflow across our entire range.
Our journey over the past four years has unfolded in line with changing customer requirements. Operational efficiency is going to be a massive focus at drupa 2012, we will be helping you focus on what matters most to your business. At Xerox we believe that the direction of the future is there to channel, we all must learn to anticipate and plan for change, after all it is a natural phenomenon.
So, how have you adjusted your business and business focus since 2008?

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