Why You and Your Print Business Should Be On LinkedIn

Written by Joel Basa
eMarketing Manager
Xerox Corporation

Many print people find a direct correlation between business success and networking. Do you agree? However, times have changed. Networking no longer just occurs at industry gatherings such as tradeshows, on the golf course, or in the confines of your own facility. They occur more often than you think online through networks such as LinkedIn.
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Why LinkedIn?
As the focal point for Social Media for the Graphic Communications Industry at Xerox, we did our homework to find out where people in the print industry “converse” and where do they network. The resounding answer was LinkedIn.
Although individuals are beginning to value other social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, LinkedIn has established itself as the #1 network for professionals. Here’s a few reasons why.
Networking & Connections
Assuming you’ve already established your LinkedIn, now is the time to start building your network (if not, learn how here). Start with your co-workers but be sure to connect with your customers, vendors, partners, neighboring businesses, friends, family etc.  For customers and partners, considering asking for recommendations. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can grow your network.
This is overlooked area by many LinkedIn users. Groups provide a wealth of knowledge and intriguing conversation by like-minded people. You can post questions, participate in conversations and potentially find additional connections for your own profile. Here is a sampling of groups you should consider joining:
Digital Printing – 32,265 Members
Print Production Professionals – 39,236 Members
Print Industry Networking Group –  54,342 Members
Company Pages
Another step your business may want to consider is establishing your own company page. Having a company page allows others to follow your company, add your products and services, seek recommendations and provide important updates to your followers. Take a look at the Xerox Company Page to get an idea of what a company page provides you (and hope you’ll follow us too).
Hope you take some time to consider LinkedIn for you and your business. Anyone else have suggestions for LinkedIn for those in our industry? I’ll leave you with an overview video brought you by LinkedIn.

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  1. Bill Gibson July 17, 2012 -

    Local LinkedIn networking is also helpful as many affiliates of Printing Industries of America have GROUPS. For Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin take a look at the Great Lakes Graphics Association group.

    • Joel Basa July 19, 2012 -

      Great info Bill. Thanks for sharing!

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