Your Print Business: A Marathon or A Sprint?

I’m writing this amongst all the chaos of Graph Expo 2012 setup. I find it ironic that McCormick Center is the site of registration for the Chicago Marathon AND the largest North American Print/GC show for 2012 today. Today, the halls of McCormick have individuals about to embark on a 26.2 mile run around Chicago. Tomorrow, the halls of McCormick will be filled with businesses already in the midst of their own version of a marathon: the journey to create a successful business model and a profitable one.
I think its a perfect fit: the print industry and a marathon. Less of a sprint, but more of a long treacherous journey that will require businesses to change their thinking mid-course and to adjust the level intensity and focus in certain areas with the goal of  weathering the inevitable storms that will come their way. I will say, one key difference is that marathoners have a finish line but businesses hope to not have finish but rather, a new start line for the next race.
I’m looking forward to speaking with attendees of Graph Expo to discuss what’s on their mind. My personal focus will be on how our industry is using social media in their own, “marathon.” Others in our Xerox Booth 1200 will be focused on production technology, finishing, workflow, and business development.
What are your thoughts on the journey of your business? Is it a marathon? or a sprint?
One last comment, this in a way is my finish line for participation in great tradeshows such as drupa and Graph Expo. I will be moving onto a new role at Xerox as part of the Xerox Brand team.I’ll be handing the reigns of this social media “ship” off to Bill Michael. Bill has been a regular contributor to this blog and I’m looking forward to seeing the continued dialogue using all our social channels. Please welcome Bill!
Lastly, thanks to all our readers. I personally appreciate all the participation and dialogue. Now…off to run….

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  1. Joachim Glowalla October 7, 2012 -

    Print – A marathon in offset printing in which we run out of breath.
    It is a sprint in which we will win with our new CIPRESS 500
    Greetings from Germany

    • Joel Basa October 7, 2012 -

      Greetings Joachim. We know ‘you’re off to the races’ with your CiPress, how exciting!

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