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5 Ways To Make Your Company Stand Out To Prospects

Oct 24, 2016|Sales|

Five examples of differences that might set you apart from the competition.

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    Eight Print Technology Advances That’ll Give you a Competitive Edge

Eight Print Technology Advances That’ll Give you a Competitive Edge

Oct 19, 2016|Technology & Solutions|

High-end production print features, once reserved for only the most advanced systems, have percolated down to today’s entry‑level presses. If you haven’t upgraded your print technology recently, here’s what you’ve been missing.

Five Steps to Pull Out of a Downward Death Spiral

Oct 17, 2016|Business Operations, Industry Trends|

Many in-plants and commercial printers face a vicious cycle: If annual financial targets aren’t met, then staffing is cut and prices are raised – leading to worse issues. How can you buck this dangerous trend?

Three Reasons You Might Be Losing Bids

Oct 13, 2016|Business Objectives, Delight Your Customers, Grow Your Business|

Are you continually losing bids to your competition? You may want to ensure your costs are up-to-date. Here’s how to start.

Taking ‘Understanding Customer Needs’ to the Next Level

Oct 11, 2016|Business Development|

See how two print providers – serving two completely different verticals – are elevating their customer service by understanding and addressing their unique needs.

Are You Over-Inspecting, Instead of Preventing Errors?

Oct 6, 2016|Business Objectives, Produce More Jobs, Reduce Your Cost|

In your print operation, do you feel production makes too many costly mistakes? If so, then this blog is for you.

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    Students Participate in Chopped-Like National Print Competition

Students Participate in Chopped-Like National Print Competition

Oct 4, 2016|Thought Leadership|

A peek into SkillsUSA, a national partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives who work together with a goal of preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s workers and leaders.

Xerox Honored with Legacy Award for iGen Platform

Sep 28, 2016|Technology & Solutions|

Xerox was awarded with a MUST SEE ‘EMS Legacy Award for the DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press, which honors a product or technology that has had a significant, lasting, and continuing influence on the graphic communications industry.

Inkjet Printing on Coated Stocks is within Reach

Sep 27, 2016|Books and Manuals, Direct Mail, Inkjet, Trans-Promo|

Game-changing ink-set enables inkjet printing directly onto traditional offset coated stocks, eliminating the need for pre- or post-paper treatment.

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    Welcome to the Zone of Disruption: Where Owning Inkjet is Practical

Welcome to the Zone of Disruption: Where Owning Inkjet is Practical

Sep 26, 2016|Grow Your Business, Industry Trends, Inkjet|

Historically, only the largest print shops have had the high volumes, deep pockets and available floor space required to justify seven-figure inkjet acquisitions. Fortunately, those times are changing.