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    What makes an ideal print sales person – and the most dangerous skill a sales person can have

What makes an ideal print sales person – and the most dangerous skill a s...

Sep 18, 2017|Sales|

More and more printing companies are struggling to find experienced print sales people. The trouble lies in the fact that the traditional print sales model no longer works. In today’s market, there are three skills that every hunter sales person should possess.

The Technology Behind Xerox’s White Dry Ink Breakthrough

Sep 13, 2017|Miscellaneous|

The recently introduced White Dry Ink from Xerox, designed for its flagship Xerox® iGen® 5 Press, has achieved a new benchmark for brightness and opacity—twice that of competitive digital solutions. That’s one of the reasons it won a Must See ‘Ems Award as one of the top new products at Print 17.

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    Latest iGen 5 Enhancement and Must See Em’s Award Winner: White Dry Ink

Latest iGen 5 Enhancement and Must See Em’s Award Winner: White Dry Ink

Sep 11, 2017|Delight Your Customers, Grow Your Business, Industry Trends, Reduce Your Cost|

Digital printing enhancement volume is growing quickly. Print buyers are willing to pay for digital enhancements, and can get solid profit margins from them as well. Xerox is helping print providers make the most of this opportunity with award winning specialty inks.

Top Five Workflow Bottlenecks

Aug 28, 2017|Miscellaneous|

You might be surprised to learn that as we increase automation in our print production workflows, we can create new issues or bottlenecks. Overcoming these issues is called the GAP analysis, and the most common bottlenecks they combat.

How Could Informed Delivery Change Mail Over Time?

Aug 21, 2017|Miscellaneous|

Learn how USPS Informed Delivery could change direct mail format and design.

How One Printer Thrives with Repeatable Marketing Programs

Aug 16, 2017|Business Development, Miscellaneous|

The tools and information you need to be a true marketing partner to your customers are likely a part of your arsenal already – or are at least within reach. Do you currently help clients create printed marketing materials? Do you produce direct mail pieces? Do you bring creativity plus big-picture strategy to your conversations? You’re already in the marketing ballpark.

Seven things you should do on every sales call

Aug 14, 2017|Miscellaneous|

Most buyers hate sales calls, and it is hard to blame them when they are presented with so many poor ones. Here’s how to create a productive call that is useful to both you and your buyer.

Three Things You Need to Know about Augmented Reality—Now

Aug 7, 2017|Miscellaneous|

Augmented reality (AR) has been nipping around the edges of the marketing-verse for awhile. However, there has been a groundswell of investment and commitment from key players that is changing the landscape. If you haven’t been paying (serious) attention, it’s time to start.

Do In-Plants Use Innovative Pricing Strategies? Yes and No!

Jul 31, 2017|Industry Trends, Miscellaneous|

Innovation is a common denominator of leading companies, both commercial and in-plant printers. More innovative pricing philosophies allow companies to charge less for commodity products and more for products perceived to have higher value.

Millennials Love Mail . . . But Why?

Jul 24, 2017|Miscellaneous, Thought Leadership|

Millennials enjoy the novelty of direct mail because it breaks the monotony of their digitally engaged worlds. They also require a different marketing approach, so if you don’t currently have a “Millennial marketing” specialty, you might want to develop one.