Documents Can’t Defend Themselves!

Written by Natalie Serrato, Technical & Social Marketing at Lytrod Software
Have you seen the new California Driver’s licenses? With fraud on the rise more than ever and the high demand for California ID’s in particular, the new licenses have more security features than they do person Identification information.
From ID’s to parking permits to event ticketing to certification credentials, it’s becoming clear that more and more documents need to be protected with multiple security features. Xerox has developed a unique, award-winning technology: FreeFlow VI Specialty Imaging. Lytrod Software’s DDC templates make use of this technology by marking digital documents with standard toners and without post processing.
Through this technology, you are able to embed variables into your security features, which add even more protection and personalization to your document. A major factor in the ease of duplication of security sensitive documents is the repetition of the security features on each document. By making each security feature unique to its particular document – it becomes that much harder to duplicate, especially in mass production.
Baseball season is here and for all those die hard sports fans, tickets to these events are a must! With every new season come scalpers with close-but-not-quite tickets ready to be sold to unknowing fans.  Check out the image of the baseball ticket featuring specialty imaging effects to deter fraud:

  • 2-layer Fluorescent Mark effect, which displays one layer of text in natural light and a second layer of “hidden” variable text that is only visible under fluorescent light.
  • Variable MicroText, a font so small that it can only be read under magnification.

Adding variables and Specialty Imaging to your design is easy, just a few clicks of the mouse, in Lytrod’s Proform Designer VDP software. See how easy it is by viewing the video below. Additional videos can be found at
Aside from sporting events, what type of documents do you come across that you feel should be better protected with security features?
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  1. roger May 10, 2011 -

    Brand fraud is the number one form of fraud loss replacing check fraud in 2007. there are plenty of documents being attacked however labels and packaging security is growing.

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