“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” – Alexander Graham Bell

One World, One drupa.
Written by:
Mamta Moolchandani & Victoria Burlison
Xerox Corporation
drupa builds off the ever-evolving globalization of business. It provides international exhibitors and visitors with the opportunity to network with an eclectic mix of business leaders, at one of the world’s largest and most significant events for the print and media industry.
drupa covers around 1.8 million square feet over a two-week period  and  provides a unique chance to explore the world of print.
This event will be the closest thing our industry has to a crystal ball, it will show the latest developments and the future of print media. drupa will give you an opportunity to view prominent technologies that have evolved from different customer demands. Such technology is likely to provoke creativity and fresh ideas; both essential in business.
Alongside our technology we will be showcase successful customer applications as we strive to  highlight any potential business improving opportunities. Most importantly, these applications will be displayed to highlight the workflow and story from beginning to the end. In essence, we are neither limiting our offering to product-based or to workflow-focused, we are instead equipping you with the combined tools needed to maximise growth and business success.
Taking in to consideration the scale and diverse nature of drupa, how have we prepared for your arrival?
All our efforts are focused on ensuring a world class experience. The Xerox stand in hall 8b will accommodate your needs by having multilingual personnel in order to aid communication. To reflect our creativity we will have regular Cirque du Soleil performances. Those who register with us will also enjoy a free coffee, as well as having the chance to win a prize. Every evening the Xerox stand will provide a more relaxed environment in which you can network – we will hold a ‘happy hour’ running from 5 – 6pm where you can wind down from a busy day and enjoy some drinks and great music!
Like Alexander Graham Bell we believe that preparation is the key to success, that’s why Gina Testa, our Vice President of Graphic communications shares her advice on how to prepare for your arrival at drupa.
How are you preparing for success at drupa 2012? Do you agree with Gina? Why not share your preparation tips and advice in the comments below.

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