Written By Tricia Bhattacharya
Worldwide Segment Marketing Manager
Xerox Corporation

As we wrap up In-Plant week, we wanted to highlight the work of another one of our great customers:  InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).

IHG is a worldwide company with more than 650,000 guest rooms.  The need to have high quality brochures to share with investors and franchise owners is extremely important to their business.  In the past, the IHG purchased preprinted brochures and stocked them in closets and empty offices until they were needed for a sales presentation.  Because of the complexity of the brochure, the cost of each one was about $10.00 per unit.  Obsolescence and waste were issues as well.

The IHG sales department recognized the power of personalization through XMPie at a Direct Marketing Thought Leadership Workshop at our Webster, NY campus.  They then partnered with their in-plant to redesign the brochure so that it could be personalized and printed more economically on a Xerox® Color 1000 Press utilizing clear dry ink.  The result was that they could add relevant personalization AND keep the same high quality as the pre-printed offset brochure, but produce the materials at half the cost.  The in-plant is able to use the new color equipment to migrate other applications from offset to digital, further reducing the need for warehousing and storage.  And I’m going to guess that the people working in the office areas at IHG were pretty happy that they didn’t have to stare at piles and piles of marketing materials sitting in empty closets and offices anymore.

For more information, please see the InterContinental Hotels Group Case Study.