Bringing in 2014: Popular Blog Posts From the Past Year (Including SEO, Print as Part of the Marketing Mix and more!)

Written by Bill Michael
eMarketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

Bringing in 2014 with the Print Community
While we anxiously look ahead to what the 2014 calendar year may bring for our industry, we first tie the bow on 2013 by looking back at some of the most popular blog posts of the past year. Included is a look at how SEO can generate new sales leads, 5 reasons why print should always be a part of your marketing mix, and ways print is staying relevant in a digital world.
Help us bring in the New Year by checking out these popular posts and sharing with your team. We wish you and your customers a wonderful holiday season!
3. How to Increase SEO and Generate Sales Leads
Howie Fenton explains why search engine optimization is important and how to make it work for your business in order to gain higher rankings on Google and other search engines, all while generating new sales leads. Also worth checking out is our discussion of SEO versus SMO – which is more effective for marketing, as well as a look at how print providers can take advantage of Google’s latest algorithm update, Hummingbird.
2. What Paperless Revolution? 5 Reasons Why Print Should be a Part of your Marketing Mix
On October 22, 1938, Chester Carlson would create the world’s first dry copy. In commemoration of 75 years since the first xerographic image and to celebrate what the next 75 years brings, here are 5 reasons why print should be part of your marketing mix today.
1. Enduring #PowerofPrint: How Print Stays Relevant in a Digital World
Despite the prevalence of electronic devices and mobile technology, print remains a highly effective, revenue-generating tool. 67% of online searches are driven by offline messages, with 39% ending with a purchase. A March 2013 study found print media to be the most trusted medium among consumers. It’s not a question of print or electronics – but rather how to leverage the combination to create a powerful, integrative marketing mix. We take a look at the enduring power of print, effective combinations of print and digital, and innovations that are making print smarter and more effective.

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