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The Best Way to Engage Prospects on Social Media?

Feb 20, 2017|Sales, Social Media|

How do printing companies kill any shot at business with a prospective customer on social media? Here’s the Do’s and Don’ts of social media engagement.

Getting Personal with Printed Catalogs

Feb 15, 2017|Inkjet|

Printed catalogs get the most consumer attention out of anything in the mail stream. Even in today’s digital media-obsessed world.

What do Corporate Print Buyers Look For on Your Website?

Feb 13, 2017|Technology & Solutions|

10 things print buyers look for on your website when researching new suppliers.

New Wave of Entry Inkjet Presses Shape New Value of Print

Feb 9, 2017|Inkjet|

When it comes to inkjet, one size does not fit all. That’s why we developed the industry’s first entry-level inkjet portfolio, allowing you to select the solution that best fits your workflow, floor space, application mix, price point and growth strategy.

The Case for Bringing Color Trade Book Production Back Home

Feb 6, 2017|Books and Manuals, Inkjet|

On-shore and on-demand. That can be the future for color trade books if more publishers and book printers adopt high-speed production inkjet technology.

The Biggest Sales Letter Mistakes…And How to Avoid Them

Feb 1, 2017|Business Objectives, Sales|

It’s hard for a sales letter to drive business when it’s laying in the bin. Here are common sales/marketing letter mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Is the Future Value of Print…Multi-Sensory?

Jan 30, 2017|Industry Trends|

What happens when readers are exposed to the same ad across print, desktop and tablet? A new study reveals, and the results may surprise you.

Every Good Sales Letter Has 3 Vital Elements. Does Yours?

Jan 25, 2017|Business Objectives, Sales|

What traits do the best customer-facing sales/marketing letters share?

Nine Steps to Create a Culture of Urgency

Jan 23, 2017|Business Objectives, Industry Trends|

Roughly 70% of all workplace staff is either not engaged or disengaged. Here’s a step-by-step approach to implementing a healthier culture.

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    5 Marketing and Branding Trends that Apply to ALL Industries

5 Marketing and Branding Trends that Apply to ALL Industries

Jan 18, 2017|Industry Trends|

Here’s how the most successful businesses (regardless of industry) are approaching their marketing and branding efforts.