If I could personalize something, I would personalize Tupperware.  That way co-workers will know it’s my lunch in the fridge, and when I take a dish to pass at a party—I won’t have to remember to write my name on the bottom with permanent marker (which gets washed off anyway).

A co-worker of mine would like personalized diapers so they don’t get lost and are used only on their child at daycare— especially important when children need special diapers related to allergies and other requirements.

Personalization is popping up anywhere and everywhere. Buyers of a new Apple iPod or iPad can have it personalized with engraving. Dunkin Donuts offers personalized pre-paid gift cards (and boy do I like their coffee!) How many of you have received a personalized Holiday “ElfYourself” eCard by OfficeMax? With Valentine’s Day coming in about a month, wouldn’t it be nice to create a personalized box of chocolate, both the chocolates themselves and the packaging too…a box covered in photos you’ve chosen to make it more meaningful for that special someone.

Is there any kind of package or object that would make your life easier or more interesting if it was personalized with text and/or images?  Do you already have something that is personalized that you love?

It’s time to be creative! What would you personalize?