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How to Align Your Company for Its Digital Future

By |Jan 29, 2018|

The transition into a successful digital company has been a struggle in the printing industry for decades. In this article, the first in a two-part series, we explore Lessons Learned from companies that have successfully implemented digital technologies.

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    Welcome to the Zone of Disruption: Where Owning Inkjet is Practical

Welcome to the Zone of Disruption: Where Owning Inkjet is Practical

By |Sep 26, 2016|

Historically, only the largest print shops have had the high volumes, deep pockets and available floor space required to justify seven-figure inkjet acquisitions. Fortunately, those times are changing.

Color Management Gets Real

By |Aug 16, 2016|

Learn how you can get consistent color across multiple presses, at one or multiple locations, each and every time you print.

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    Finishing the Announcement of Our Top-Rated Wide Format Printer, at FESPA

Finishing the Announcement of Our Top-Rated Wide Format Printer, at FESPA

By |Jul 21, 2014|

The announcement of the Xerox Wide Format IJP 2000 at FESPA last year left some ‘unfinished’ business. This FESPA, we showed off new finishing options and expanded media, showcasing how the IJP 2000 can help you take advantage of the highly-profitable digitally printed signage market, worth an estimated $55 billion globally.

The Fourth Myth of Print Sales: It’s the Customer that Makes it All About Price

By |Oct 10, 2013|

Many print salespeople have trouble believing Matthew Parker when he suggests that it is often the printer who leads on price, not the customer. Matthew shares a couple of real-life examples and gives tips from a buyer’s perspective on how to send a better sales message.

Direct Mail, Book Publishing and Transpromo Gaining Momentum as Growth Applications

By |Sep 9, 2013|

Results from the 2013 edition of the annual Xerox Premier Partner Global Network survey were recently released. Get the latest insight from leading Graphic Communications providers, including insights on direct mail, book publishing and transpromo.

Growing Opportunities with Mergers and Acquisitions

By |Sep 3, 2013|

Over the last couple of years M&A activities have experienced ups and downs much like the economy, but often in opposite directions. However, some people are starting to talk about an approaching increase or spike in activity, which is good news for those considering M&A.

The Second Myth of Print Sales: Relationship Selling Brings in the Business

By |Aug 22, 2013|

Sales people that continue to use relationship selling will find that they get poorer results in return for a lot of hard work. Often, their prospect will be delighted at all the help, friendship and free consultancy that they get from these sales people. But they will often go elsewhere to place orders. So relationship sellers will struggle to control a solid sales pipeline. They may find it very hard to achieve the targets that they have been set.

#PrintWins: Celebrating Successes; Imagining the Future of Print

By |Aug 15, 2013|

Have you noticed all the attention print has been receiving lately through mass media? Frankly, that pleases me – and I am betting you feel the same way. As one of print’s biggest fans, there’s no better time than leading up to PRINT 13 to talk about its value and strength. It has rallied back from the economic challenges that dominated our industry five years ago.

Three Technologies Permanently Reshaping Our Industry

By |Jun 20, 2013|

According to market research, most printing serves either to help sell a product or communicate information to someone. In that context, there are three things that are impacting and changing the way print customers, and in turn, their customers use print and print related services.