3 Application Ideas For Your Shop

Written by Bill Michael
Marketing Analyst
Xerox Corporation
How do you generate new ideas? Are you inspired by reading? By listening to others? By seeing other work? Inspiration of new ideas may come from a variety of sources.
In my role, I have the privilege of seeing dozens of print applications through programs such as Best-of-the-Best as well as coordinating applications to run at tradeshows such as drupa 2012. I see these applications not only as great examples of the power of digital printing, but as ideas that can help others in the print industry expand their offerings to their customers.
I wanted to share an assortment of applications that were recently selected as Gold award winning submissions in the 2011 IAPHC Award Program. Below you’ll find 3 print applications that I hope will inspire thoughts and ideas to implement in your own shop.


Experiential Gatefold

This direct marketing piece created an experience for its recipients. The oversized carrier was printed on a 26” sheet and included a large gatefold. Inside were high-quality samples that were printed on a variety of substrates, all of which had a matte look and feel.

Key Concepts: Oversized Sheet, Matte Look, Experiential, Substrate Latitude
Technology:  Xerox iGen4 EXP Press with Matte Dry Ink
Thought Starters: Are you taking advantage of unique substrates?


Dimensional Mailer (You Can Almost Eat)

Produced by Mailshop of New Zealand, this direct mail piece takes dimensional to another level by immediately becoming a conversation starter. Creative usage of Clear Dry Ink and personalization throughout help create relevance and captivates interest. The piece looks “delicious”….pun intended.
Key Concepts: Dimensional, Clear Dry Ink, Personalization
Technology: Xerox Color 800/1000 Press, Xerox FreeFlow Print Server, XMPie
Thought Starters: Have you thought of creating dimensional mailers to captivate a select audience? Can you enhance your work with Clear Dry Ink?


University Parking Permit

This application is an example of using digital print in areas you might not expect. By combining Specialty Imaging, including micro-fonts and UV, along with personalized QR codes using Lytrod Software, this parking ticket raises the bar on digital printing – all while empowering parking enforcement!  This is a fantastic example of a unique application that creates high-value by utilizing personalization, specialty imaging, and outstanding quality.

Key Concepts: Personalization, QR Codes, Specialty Imaging
Technology: Xerox 550/560, Lytrod Software
Thought Starters: Can you think of ways to enhance seemingly everyday print applications? In what ways can your applications benefit from?


Here’s a video that shares more detail about some of the other winning Xerox applications in the IAPHC Program.

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  1. Katherine May 10, 2013 -

    I’m in love with that Dimensional Mailer. We don’t have the tools for this kind of project…yet. But now that I know what we need, I’m on it. Thanks Bill, now I have more toys to add to my printing wish list.

  2. Bill Michael May 13, 2013 -

    Thanks so much for the kind words, Katherine – I fell in love with the piece as well when I saw it…very memorable, leaves a strong impression in your mind and the dimensional aspect makes it hard to put down. I know this particular print provider ran a very limited run for their client – but you can surely believe that the response rate, conversion rate and ROMI made it worthwhile for them!

    Bill (Xerox Employee)

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