Social Media

How to Convert Social Media Connections into Customers

By |May 22, 2017|

How to smoothly transition an online social media prospect into an offline real-world sale.

Which Social Media Connections Are Potential Customers?

By |Mar 27, 2017|

It’s impossible to develop relationships with all your social media connections. This article will help you determine which are actually worth your time.

Social Media Integration Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

By |Mar 8, 2017|

How do you incorporate social media into your next direct mail print campaign? This real-life case study will give you plenty of ideas.

The Best Way to Engage Prospects on Social Media?

By |Feb 20, 2017|

How do printing companies kill any shot at business with a prospective customer on social media? Here’s the Do’s and Don’ts of social media engagement.

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    5 Marketing and Branding Trends that Apply to ALL Industries

5 Marketing and Branding Trends that Apply to ALL Industries

By |Jan 18, 2017|

Here’s how the most successful businesses (regardless of industry) are approaching their marketing and branding efforts.

Stand out in a Crowd: How to Get Customers to Notice You

By |Jan 16, 2017|

Do prospects ignore your emails and phone calls? Here are 3 unique communication methods to capture the attention of a potential customer.

Strategies to Find (and Acquire) New Customers

By |Jan 4, 2017|

Most prospects are not ready to buy from you when first approached. But here are strategies to make them reach out down the road.

How Real-Time Social Media Relationships Create Print Sales

By |Dec 15, 2016|

What role does social media play for print businesses? Hint: It’s to generate sales, even if it doesn’t directly convert them. We discuss.

4 Ways to Drive More Readers to your Newsletter

By |Nov 2, 2016|

Why newsletters are a critical addition to your customer communication strategy, and how you can easily grow your subscriber base.

Do You Really Need a Blog?

By |Oct 26, 2015|

You know the importance of content marketing. But as a print, do you really need a blog? Does anyone read a printer’s blog anyway?