The Myths About Being Special

Written By Joe Schember
Product Marketing, Digital

Remember when you were growing up and your parents would tell you that you were special? Whether you were struggling to make new friends or upset about a bad haircut, hearing that simple phrase could bring a smile to your face – even if it seemed like the world was ending (oh, dramatic youth). Printers today are striving to be special. They want to be more to their customers. To bring smiles to their customers’ faces, while still running an efficient and profitable operation. Many in the industry are turning to specialty digital substrates to achieve this goal.
Mohawk’s Specialty Digital portfolio includes synthetic, pressure sensitive (labels, clings), magnet, embedded, and photo substrates designed for digital presses. Whether it’s on your Xerox Color 560 or your Xerox iGen 150, these unique materials help make you special while increasing your bottom line. If you’re hesitant to go beyond paper, keep reading as I debunk some common myths.
Myth #1: They’re expensive.
Any higher initial cost is easily offset by the printer’s ability to set a higher selling price and achieve a higher margin than traditional paper jobs. They’re also packaged in smaller quantities so you can buy only what you need.
Myth #2: They aren’t compatible with my digital press.
Mohawk has a reputation for quality and works with leading manufacturers to test compatibility of our digital products. Many specialty products perform well in a range of digital equipment, but you can check your specific compatibility in our matrix provided thru Mohawk MakeReady. Samples to test are readily available thru your paper merchant or online at
Myth #3: They’re hard to sell.
Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Use specialty substrates in your own self promo. Show customers examples and throw a few samples into existing jobs. Explain how these materials can make their marketing campaigns more unique, effective, and impactful. Digital is great for these short, demo runs to spur interest.
Myth #4: My customers don’t have an application for them.
Show them what they can do and I bet you’ll be surprised. Synthetics are great for waterproof books or ID cards. Pressure sensitive stocks shine as bottle labels, window clings, and decorative seals. Magnets are attractive for calendars and signage while embedded magnets and synthetic cards make durable loyalty cards and save-the-dates. Finally, panoramic photo paper enables layflat photo books and collateral where images and graphics sprawl freely without being lost in the gutter of a traditional bind.
The applications are really endless with these types of materials, especially when paired with digital print and VDP. Don’t limit yourself. Give yourself a shot to be special today!
BONUS: I’m happy to have an exclusive giveaway for the Xerox readers today! Shoot me an email with your shipping info and I’ll send you a free copy of Mohawk’s Specialty Digital Swatchbook so you can begin exploring these high-value materials.

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  1. Jeroen van Druenen June 26, 2012 -

    Hi, and now for the 1 million dollar question. how and where can we purchase al those splendid substrates in the Netherlands?

    Jeroen van Druenen
    back-upstraat 12
    1033 NX Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

  2. Joe Schember June 26, 2012 -

    Hi Jeroen,

    Thanks for the question. I’m double-checking with our International team to get you the answer.


  3. Joe Schember June 26, 2012 -


    If you shoot me at e-mail at I can put you in touch with one of our International Sales reps who can help.


  4. Alphagraphics June 26, 2012 -

    “To bring smiles to their customers’ faces, while still running an efficient and profitable operation.” Totally agreed. Wow. Great post.

  5. Joe Schember June 27, 2012 -

    Thanks for the nice words, Alphagraphics! Glad you liked the post.

  6. Tom Vendetti June 27, 2012 -

    Interesting discussion. We are a global company focused solely on distribution of specialty media for digital printing. Over the years we have sold countless types of media for countless digital applications. Please contact me at to further this discussion.

  7. Joe Schember June 27, 2012 -

    Thanks for the comment, Tom. Our local rep in California is going to reach out to you to continue the discussion.

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