Color Management Gets Real

By |Aug 16, 2016|

Learn how you can get consistent color across multiple presses, at one or multiple locations, each and every time you print.

New Technologies Have Franchise on Track for Record Growth

By |Nov 14, 2013|

By adding a Xerox Color C75 Press to their business, PostNet of Asheville, North Carolina is on track for one of its best years in terms of print revenue. See what drives their growth, and what clients are saying.

Direct Mail, Book Publishing and Transpromo Gaining Momentum as Growth Applications

By |Sep 9, 2013|

Results from the 2013 edition of the annual Xerox Premier Partner Global Network survey were recently released. Get the latest insight from leading Graphic Communications providers, including insights on direct mail, book publishing and transpromo.

How a Print Provider Offered a Fresh Take on a Complex Government Job, Reducing Costs by 40%

By |Jul 2, 2013|

MAR Graphics was approached with a particularly complex job—to more efficiently produce and streamline fulfillment for one government agency’s permit program. See how their solution helped save the government agency 30-40% in print and fulfillment costs.

Why the PRISM Award Matters

By |Jun 13, 2013|

Xerox’s Chairman and CEO, Ursula Burns, was awarded the PRISM Award today in New York City. The PRISM Award is presented to outstanding business leaders by the Advisory Board of the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies Graphic Communications Management and Technology. The award also reinforces the importance of educating students of the exciting career opportunities this industry offers.

Selling Direct Marketing: 7 Steps to Success

By |May 30, 2013|

Direct marketing provides enormous opportunities and potential for profitability. But becoming a strategic partner for your clients means more than just adding services and offerings. It is critical to have a sales team in place capable of selling these services. Katie Dunn, President and Founder of Digital Innovations Group, discussed the 7 steps to successfully selling direct marketing services in a recent Thought Leadership Workshop.

Industry Knowledge, Networking and Collaboration – Three Ingredients Essential for Growth.

By |May 23, 2013|

Undoubtedly, achieving growth is on everyone’s mind at the moment. Here’s how the three essential ingredients of Xerox’s Premier Partners Network are helping the world’s top digital printers grow in today’s challenging marketplace.

If it’s the Government’s Data, it’s your Data, too

By |May 15, 2013|

Just last week, President Obama signed an executive order to release an “open data policy” declaring data gathered by the government is a national asset and should be easily accessible by the public. The press release cited several examples of how open data has spurred innovation and product development that ultimately has helped the economy. How do you plan to take advantage of the availability and accessibility of this data?

Direct Marketing: Get Relevant, Get Results – Part I

By |May 13, 2013|

The Direct Marketing Association states the response rate of direct mail is more than 30x higher than that of email. You understand the benefits of direct marketing, but actually doing it – and doing it well – now that’s a completely different story! A recent Xerox Thought Leadership Workshop delved into everything-direct marketing. Included was a discussion of psychology based marketing and how to trigger the unconscious minds of your consumers, as well as the art and science of selling direct marketing services. We discuss some of the insight shared in Part I of our recap.

What is the Future of Print and Design? Panel of Experts Weigh In.

By |May 2, 2013|

In a world enamored with online media, it may surprise you to know that 93 percent of designers utilize print as part of their mix. Gordon Kaye, editor and publisher of Graphic Design USA Magazine, reflects on the myth that ‘print is dead’ and shares insight on why graphic designers and other creative professionals continue to view print as central to their personal and professional lives. The benefits of print are clear and proven, and for the good and great designers, it’s about knowing how and when to employ these traits to advance a message, a brand, an emotion, an idea, a cause, and a sense of authenticity.