Why Conversation Is Pointless Without A Call To Action

By |Oct 9, 2014|

Chances are, you’ve been involved in a meeting with a client that achieved nothing. Learn simple tips to ensure you avoid this issue, while still guiding your client towards a call-to-action.

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    Have More Effective Sales Conversations with 3-Word Planning

Have More Effective Sales Conversations with 3-Word Planning

By |Sep 16, 2014|

Do you get frustrated when picking up the phone and hearing a pitch from a telemarketer? Ensure your sales conversations and presentations don’t sound scripted and robotic! Learn how to use 3-word planning to more effectively communicate.

How Price Anchoring Increases Print Profits

By |Sep 8, 2014|

People are happy to shop around for the cheapest prices. That doesn’t mean that there are not some great opportunities for price anchoring in print.

How to Increase Your Print Prices Through Valuation

By |Aug 28, 2014|

Showing the value your services bring to customers is critical. Learn tips on how to successfully increase prices and grow margin…while still delivering value.

How To Upsell Your Customers With A Two-Price Offer

By |Aug 11, 2014|

Upselling is a great way to persuade your customers to spend more. With print, there are opportunities to increase your profit margins by presenting your customer with value-added services. Learn how to get started!

Five Steps for More Effective Blogs

By |Aug 7, 2014|

Maximize your blog exposure and leverage your blog as an effective marketing tool with these 5 strategies.

Is It Time to Cross-Pollinate?

By |Jul 29, 2014|

How can you potentially use cross-pollination in print and multi-channel marketing to build your prospect and customer base?

How To Connect Successfully With Your Prospect On LinkedIn

By |Jul 16, 2014|

Connecting with prospects on LinkedIn the right way will help you build the relationships you want. Learn what are considered ‘best practices’, and what practices will send your prospects running for the hills!

How Linkedin Can Find You The Perfect Prospect

By |Jul 1, 2014|

Finding the right prospects to target on LinkedIn can be challenging. Learn how to master this tactic with 3 simple and easy steps.

3 Rules To Creating A Successful LinkedIn Profile

By |Jun 12, 2014|

With 300 million users on LinkedIn and so many offering services nearly identical as you, standing apart can be tough. Here are 3 rules to ensuring your LinkedIn profile gets noticed and helps you build a better network.